Our restaurants story starts from 90’s, from little dining room located in Tbilisi, Lilo, Kakheti highway. For decades, our team and guests have provided a unique place in the capital’s daily life.

‘’Kakhelebi’’ is a dining room where you can have a breakfast, lunch and dinner with family in a cozy place.

Our restaurant is a traditional Georgian with modern cooking technologies. We keep, maintain and remind you old and familiar taste.

The secret of our taste is in natural ingredients.  Some of them are from our farm and some – from Kakheti.  Juices and jams –come from our fruit orchards. Hard-working people have been caring for this orchard for decades. Here you can taste different kind of variety of fruit, such as:  apple, cornus, pear, grapes, plum, almond, pomegranate and different sorts of cherry.

And the most important: Our Wine!!! Made of carefully selected grape grain.